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Timbangan Berat Badan dan Tinggi Badan

Timbangan berat badan dan tinggi badan digital ini merupakan alat ukur berat badan model digital dengan menggunakan aliran listrik sebagai sumber utamanya (dilengkapi battery). Timbangan berat badan digital ini memiliki 2 fungsi yaitu sebagai alat timbang dan alat pengukur tinggi badan. 
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Timbangan plus tinggi badan digital
Timbangan Plus Tinggi Badan Digital

Specification :
I. Main Technical Performance
1.Having a weighing sensor with comprehensive precision 1/1,000
2.Having a full range specification of 200 kg
3.Having weighing accuracy of Grade IV
4.Having a display 1 inch LCD with blacklight
5.Having an unit, zero setting & tare function
Having freedom to set the scalenin different division numbers, value and digital position by fitting relevant sensor. in this way, you can use it as a weight indicating instrument with many specifications
6.Working condition : Temperature 0°C~40°C : Humidity not great than 85%
7.Storing condition: Temperature -25°C~50°C : Humidity not great than 90%
8.Power : AC 220V + 10% - 15% 50/60Hz with built-in 4VDC battery.

Harga: Rp. 1.550.000

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